iPhone 升級 iOS7 GM 前使用 iTunes 11.1 beta2 無法備份 / 備份失敗 / Backup session failed 的問題

今晚要升級 iOS7 GM,結果看到說 一定要先安裝  iTunes 11.1 beta2 備份過才能回復手機,馬上裝起來按備份,沒想到一直跳出這個視窗:



然後手動備份的話也還是會顯示備份失敗:Backup session failed

後來發現好像是之前安裝了一些只能run在32bit的 Visualizer 外掛,所以把 iTunes 改成「在32位元模式下打開」了。

把 iTunes 改回 64bit 模式,然後刪除那些不支援的 plug-ins 就ok了!順利升級!

然後把發現的結果 Po 在 Apple 官方論壇還有這裡,希望可以幫到更多人摟!


2013/9/11 上午 10:59

Hello Users,

Before I begin: I am now over 6 hours on trying to fix this problem .. by searching through this forum and others sites. This is my problem when I was going to update my iPhone 5 to iOs7 GM.

After I installed the iTunes 11 beta 2 from the developer center. I tried to make a back up of my iPhone before I was going to update.But when I am clicking on Back up I receive this message:

‘iTunes could not backup iPhone ‘Ramon’s iPhone’ because the backup session failed’

When I am starting Itunes it starts with this error:

Itunes was unable to load data class information from Sync services


What I did to solve this problem:

– Disconnecting the Iphone for a couple of times

– Restarted my iPhone

– iPhone in airplane mode

– Re-installed iTunes for 6 times

– Logged in on my mac with an another account

– Reset the lockdown folder

– Deleted the back ups in the Mobilesync app

– Deleted AppleMobileDevice.kext

– Changed the time and location of my mac


Could someone please help me? I am so tired of searching out what to do..

Thank you in advance..



Hi, all,

I am having the same issue.
Trying to backup my iPhone4S with prior ver of GM, by iTunes 11.1 beta2, before updating iOS7 GM

I solved it by

1. make sure the iTunes is running in 64bit mode

Right clicking the iTunes application icon in the application folder, select Info, and uncheck/deselect the “Open in 32-bit mode".

2. open up the iTunes

3. If there is an alert window pop up, like this one, and telling you that there are several plug-ins cannot running on 64bit mode, go /Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/ and ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/ , delete those unsupport plug-ins

4. re-open the iTunes

Now it should be able to backup your iOS device correctly.


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